Nobu plays the trombone and Yuka the horn. They are Japanese and live near Tokyo.

Dear friends in Musica,


We would like to congratulate Musica with its forthcoming 100 years anniversary!


Our life in the Netherlands, from 2006 to 2008, was indeed fulfilled by the friends and activities in Musica. It was an amazing experience that we were able to find seats in such a traditional and community-based orchestra, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


We did not know much about the situation of amateur music activities in the Netherlands. But through our musical activities in the Netherlands we now know that you are one of the most classic-music-loving people in the world. And it is also numerically-obvious: each city has several orchestras!


We often discuss why the orchestra sound in The Netherlands and in Japan is so different. (At least we think there is a clear distinction in sound!) We found that the sound of Musica, and also that of other orchestras in the Netherlands, is much deeper and richer compared to that in Japan. We thought it might be due to the difference in native-language and/or education system, but we are not sure! Perhaps it has to do with the spirit?


We are very happy and proud of having had invaluable experiences and having met unforgettable people in Musica. We hope that Musica exists more than next centuries, in saecula saeculorum. And hope to have chances to play with you again someday!


Yours sincerely,


Nobu and Yuka


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