Emilie plays the violin. She is French and currently lives and works in Dubai.

Being an expat in Holland... not easy. Every foreigner will tell you how difficult it can be to enter the very private Dutch society.... After 3 years not having a single Dutch friend, I decided to join Musica. I attended for nearly 3 seasons till I move out.


I started biking on my ‘Oma fiets‘ on Tuesday evenings under the rain, as part of my integration strategy; and quickly found myself enjoying dinners with my friends on sunny Thursday evenings...


What makes Musica so special? It‘s a recipe for passion.

Take a group of musicians, a group of friends. Add a young talented conductor who will teach you music even with the last phalanges of his fingers. Mix those with a challenging and varied repertoire. Finally, the ‘icing on the cake‘: the holy coffee break!


I left Musica with tears.


Emilie Dubois Kastani


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